Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's not always the right time to share your work

 It is becoming more and more accepted to share one's creative writing—poems, stories, personal essays—online. Still, doing that has its pitfalls, beyond the one that such works are then considered published and may not be eligible to submit to some publications and contests. Another danger is the effect that going public may have on you, the writer.

Bonni Goldberg talks about this in Beyond the Words.

"I often check my motives before I share by asking myself, what I want to get from making a given piece public. I know it's not the right time if my "want" list includes items such as empathy and understanding from my audience or their appreciation and attention rather than the opportunity to voice something I care about or to celebrate what moves me. As you take time to become aware of your motives to go public, you'll notice when it will be more nurturing and respectful to your Writing Self to wait" - Beyond the Words, p. 170.

Goldberg has opened a vein of truth here! I can think of times when I posted something, waited on tenterhooks for a response and when there was none, felt deflated and a failure. It pays to be aware of why we want to share something, and when is a good time. Sharing out of neediness can be a dangerous thing to the health of our creative selves.

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Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Violet... how timely... knowing the why and the fullness of time... yes!

I totally heard you when you mentioned the posting and then waiting for a reply, and when nothing was forthcoming, how the chin dragged (maybe even quivered) a little, not to mentioned the deflated balloon dragging too.

It seems blogging has been one of His tools at routing out some issues of the heart.... need for approval being a key one. The only approval we need is His, but oh, we do long for it from others. Let me say I'm talking for me on that one.

BTW, Violet, I tried to e-mail you and it came back undeliverable. Do you have a new one (wanted to send the Nov schedule for Inscribe).

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead!