Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poetry Pickings [09-14-11]

The internet is rich with poetry these days. Here are a few of my recent finds.

What is Poetry?
That's what we're discussing this month at Tweetspeak and on the TS Poetry Press Facebook page. Angela Alaimo O'Donnell writes today on the Tweetspeak blog:

"I am a teacher of Poetry.

This means that several times a year I walk into a classroom, the seats filled with Bright Young People between the ages of 18 and 22, and try to make them fall in love with poetry. This, I admit, is a challenge. Poetry is difficult to define and defend—and past the age of 8, is difficult to learn to appreciate.

To read poetry, we need to cultivate a mode of reading that is less frantic than the hunt-and-gather method instilled in us by content-driven disciplines (not to mention daily life), to discover how to be patient with ambiguity and uncertainty, and to give ourselves permission to read for the pure pleasure of it...
Read the rest of "What is Poetry: Falling in love, 1"

Rabbit Room CD release party
Cool poetic lyrics by Jason Gray along with the songs are posted in the Rabbit Room. He has put up the lyrics of every song on his new album A Way to See in the Dark along with the story of each. It's an online record release party. But don't delay if you want to hear the songs. The audio files will only stay online for 24 hours. Here's the title cut "A Way to See in the Dark."

Magical Mystical Teacher
Magical Mystical Teacher posts photos along with short poems, often haiku, and once in a while a reflection about teaching (like "Praying in My Classroom"). You will be lifted!

Porch Poems
Canadian poet Janet Martin has poetry coursing through her veins. She posts to two poetry blogs. Front Porch Poems has poems of faith. Love and nature are her study on Another Porch right now. Here's first stanza of the very charming "Summer's Quadrille" from that blog.

We feel a tender beauty-tug
A bitter-sweet caress
As summer, with a mindless shrug
Begins to shed her dress
Choosing instead of emerald green
A gown of red and gold
With petticoats of scarlet sheen
And sashes bright and bold

Read the rest here...


Maureen said...

Lovely highlights, Violet.

Janet said...

Violet, I just had a comment from a reader who said he found my blog through you. I am still blushing with astonishment at finding this post. Violet, I appreciate your encouragement and can't wait to read more of your posts on here, when our internet is working properly. I thought I had all your blogs book-marked, but I did not have this one!
I'm so glad I found it! Thank-you.