Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Haggard Road - just out

I am so pleased that one of my poetry buddies, Shelley Haggard, has just published The Haggard Road — a total of about 60 poems along with some of her photos.

Steven R. Duncan (free-lance writer, mentor, producer, publicist, art promoter and poet) says of Shelley's work:

"Shelley Haggard’s poetry has a fresh, jaunty quality that at first belies a deeper, darker, complex and sometimes sardonic voice.  She uses sharp metaphor and deceptively simple rhyme to catch the reader, much in the manner that a flytrap uses nectar or a siren lures ships. There is no escaping the inevitable sucker punch to the sternum waiting for the reader, leaving them breathless." 

Shelley has made several videos of her reading pieces. One of my favourites is "Depressionville Hotel"

Find more readings here.

Congratulations, Shelley! I can't wait to get my hands on your baby.


Maureen said...

The delivery in the video was pitch perfect. Thank you for introducing Shelley Haggard to us, Violet.

violet said...

Thanks, Maureen! I agree - her delivery is perfect - especially that fake smile at the end. :)