Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Public speaking

I don't do much public speaking but have been asked to give a half-hour presentation at our church's next women's encounter in early April. Because I was once a classroom teacher, standing in front of an audience doesn't scare me witless, but neither am I comfortable with talking to people in this formal sort of way. (I tend to over plan and then find myself note-bound.)

Thus when I saw the list of public speaking hints Michael Hyatt's speaking coach gave him after a recent presentation of his (he posted about it on his blog), I perked up and bookmarked it. 

The five points his coach gave him are:

1. State the benefit clearly.
2. Cut down a long introduction.
3. Use lots of personal stories.
4. Engage the audience.
5. Craft the ending carefully.

Read the entire article: "Notes from my Speech Coach."


CallingForth said...

I had just complete my final draft [?] of a talk I will give Mar.19th when I read this post - looked up his points - and thought, Oh my, maybe I need to rewrite the whole thing!!

Well this morning I started, The Courage to Teach, by Parker J. Palmer. Not being a teacher, and without any training in teaching I am sometimes at a loss as to how to express what I need to say.

Anyway, I was encouraged by what I read and I offer it to you simply as an encouragement to speak from your heart.

"Teaching, like any truly human activity, emerges from one's inwardness, for better or worse. As I teach, I project the condition of my soul onto my students, my subject, and our way of being together. The entanglements in the classroom are often no more or less than the convolutions of my inner life. Viewed from this angle, teaching holds a mirror to the soul. If I am willing to look in that mirror and not run from what I see, I have a chance to gain self-knowledge - and knowing myself is as crucial to good teaching as knowing my students and my subject."

This confirms to me that what I say must come from within and even though I don't have all the answers I long to engage the audience on the journey of what is happening in my soul because I know that my story mirrors elements in theirs and we will connect....that being said, thanks for the reference. Any suggestions on presentation is helpful.

violet said...

Laurel, what great advice! Thank you!! I know that talks/lectures/teachings are very colored by the presenter -- as they should be.

I love how you start the last paragraph: "This confirms to me that what I say must come from within ..."

I sense the same thing. One's own enthusiasm and passion for the subject is more important than any amount of technical preciseness or the right balance of elements.

sanjna said...

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