Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poem-a-day April!

Tomorrow is the first day of April, which is National Poetry Month in Canada (as well as the U.S.).  I'm excited because I'm again planning to go on a poetry binge and write a poem a day. I've done that for the last two years and know that it's doable, though as the month wears on it can be a challenge.

In 2009 and 2010 I used the daily prompts from Poetic Asides (and Robert is posting those again this year, with a chance to choose your five best poems for possible inclusion in a published book at the end of the exercise). But I've decided to use different prompts this year.

I have, within the last few weeks, discovered The Music In It - the blog of poet Adele Kenny. She posts the most interesting prompts with, often, a teaching component, samples to read, and variations on the main prompt. Last night I sat down and pasted the links to her first 30 prompts into an email which I then mailed to myself. I now have 30 ideas at my fingertips.

Let the poeming begin!!

(I will not be publishing these raw creations online anywhere. However, if it's unusually quiet here at the blog, just know that I'm probably trying to keep my April resolution.)

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