Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digital poetry

Sydney's Siberia - Mosaic Poetry
Is it the future of poetry on the web. Jason Nelson of Australia thinks so.

I first heard of Jason Nelson's digital poetry projects through Maureen's article "Wednesday Wonder: Poetry Goes Geek "(via the High Calling Blogs December newsletter).

Here's how Jason describes his projects:

"In the simplest terms Digital Poems are born from the combination of technology and poetry, with writers using all multi-media elements as critical texts. Sounds, images, movement, video, interface/interactivity and words are combined to create new poetic forms and experiences. And when a piece like “game, game…” attracts millions of readers while a “successful” print poem might attract a hundred, I think the digital truly is the future of poetry. ….. is designed as a stable of sorts, for the these poetic digital horses to sleep.  Readers can play within the possibilities of the electronic poem, to inspire and frighten, to allure and repel. An introduction to what poetry has become, and the imaginary lands I build to keep them in hay and away from the rain."
Here, have a look yourself.

I spent a good (really it was bad) 20 minutes playing "game game" - a project the Wall Street Journal dubbed "as alienating as art can get" (hint: the instructions of how to move reveal when you click on the top right where it says "instructions").

As per Maureen's article, there are many other types of poems such as:

Combination various
Slot machine
Deep Menu
Speech to text
3D Depth
Mouse Followers

I'm thinking playing this kind of poetry could be addictive. But it feels somewhat nihilistic. Interesting but...

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