Monday, October 04, 2010

Typo fix - $160,000 later...

Who says typos don't matter?!

CBC News - Books - Franzen's Freedom recalled in U.K. for fixes


ML said...

Hello! I follow your blog and love to check out the different poetry ideas that are attached to your blog.

I do author interviews. Do you know any newly published Christian poets/ authors who would be interested?


violet said...

Hi ML - thanks so much for reading, and becoming a follower!

I realized, after I read your question, that I hadn't posted the review of Marianne Jones' 2010 book of poems here. It's the most recent post in LUL.

Jones might be someone you'd like to interview. I'm sure there is contact information on her web page. However, if you need help contacting her, get back to me and I'll help you get in touch.