Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Start 2010 unblocked

A blog which I've been reading lately is Lateral Action. Its author Mark McGuinness (poet and creativity coach) talks a lot about creativity. Right now he's running a series called "Break Through Your Creative Blocks."

In article one - "Creative Block #1 - I'm not creative" - he debunks a lot of the theories about creativity and settles on the simplest definition: "A creative person is a person who creates things." Then he lends readers a hand by giving them a four-step process for every project they start. They can:
1. Set a goal
2. Determine options: "What is the next action I can take, that I think is likely to get me a step nearer my goal?"
3. Actions - Do it.
4. Review - Ask, "Have I reached my goal?" If yes, congratulations. If not, recycle through steps 1-3.

In article two - "Creative Block #2 - Fear of getting it wrong" he speaks to people who have had creative success in the past and now feel blocked because they know their current efforts will never measure up to past successes. His RX:
1. Write with your body.
2. Stop worrying.
3. Start getting things wrong.
4. Stick two fingers up at the critics.
5. Get good feedback.
6. Grant yourself poetic license.

If you are feeling stuck, stodgy and non-creative, this series might just be a good one to follow. I'm not sure when the next installment will be posted. However, it is possible to subscribe by email or RSS feed so as not to miss a single one.

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