Friday, September 11, 2009

Poetry Contest Almanac

Notice the Poetry Contest Almanac widget in the sidebar?  It's new! Each item is a link to a poetry contest. The date is the last day entries can be postmarked or emailed to be accepted. I did this for myself  - to keep track of upcoming poetry contests. You're welcome to use it too.

You'll need to read the rules for each one. Some only accept entries from Canadian citizens. Both of the Utmost contests are for entrants whose beliefs conform to a statement of Christian faith.

If you know of contests I've missed, please email me and I'll add them. If you decide to enter any of them - ALL THE BEST!!


Judith Millar said...

What a useful listing of various upcoming contests, Violet! Thanks for doing that - and for including the MillarLITE limerick contest! Please note that the deadline to enter is Oct. 21 with the winner announced on the 28th.

Thanks also for that useful summary of Stephen King's book On Writing. I found that book very helpful and inspiring - great to have a reminder of his approach.


violet said...

Oops - thanks for the correction, Judith. I've fixed...

H Harrison said...

Thanks, Violet, this is great.