Monday, August 31, 2009

Write 'free' content - and get paid for it

If you're a freelance writer you'll know that the writing business has changed. Magazines and newspapers are going out of business, but there's still lots of reading to be found -- online. Though it's great that so much information is free for readers, where is there any money in that for writers?

Fortunately writers are still needed to write all that "free" content. A site which has generated a few shekels for me as a content writer is Constant-Content.  This site has a library of thousands of articles on just about any topic you could name. Web masters come by and purchase content from C-C for use on their sites.

Here's how Constant-Content works for writers:

1. Sign-up is free. (Writer's Guidelines - Writer's Tutorial)

2. Authors choose their own article topics or write for requests.

3. Authors price their own work according to rights sold. (They earn 65% of the asking price; Constant-Content takes a 35% commission.)

4. Articles are submitted via online form and uploaded documents.

5. Articles are checked by an editor and filtered for plagiarism before being published on the site.

6. Only a sample of the complete article is displayed online. (You, the author, determine the length of the sample - a minimum of one third is required).

7. Payment is monthly by PayPal (threshold is $5).

8. A widget is available to advertise recently written C-C content on your blog or web site (see mine in the sidebar -->).

Here is a sampling of the 19 licenses (articles) I've sold since joining Constant-Content in 2008.

- An old article that I wrote years ago, but never sold, on honey.

- A new piece about wedding rings.

- An article about "green" house-deodorizers.

- Several book reviews

- An article about showing appreciation.

So if you have an area of expertise or enjoy researching and learning about stuff and then writing about it, give Constant-Content a try.

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