Saturday, August 22, 2009

Poetry Portfolio

In the last while I've been mulling over the idea of assembling an online poetry portfolio. I love other just-poetry sites that I often visit - sites like Poems by C. Van Gorkom, Christian Nature Poetry, and Real Poems.

Recently Kimberley Davis, a writer I follow on Twitter, wrote a blog post about doing just that as well. Her thoughts echoed many of my own feelings (positive about posting the poems with images, for example - her portfolio is here).

This week I took the plunge and put up

(click on the graphic and be whisked away to the site)

I will mostly post poems that have already been published in other places. Of course it's not complete. I have yet to add more tabs, with pages for links, and other poetry-related goodies. I'll be adding a new poem about once a week until I run out of 'stock.'

So, if you enjoy poetry, I'd love it if you'd come by for a read!


C. Marie Byars said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my site! It seems that blogging is slowing down in general due to Facebook really taking off. Personally, returning to school will slow me down. Take care & God bless!!!

violet said...

You're welcome, Marie! About blogs - there's just too much to read, isn't there - and no more hours in the day.

All the best in school!