Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Book review: Fires of Fury by Donna Dawson

Title: Fires of Fury
Author: Donna Dawson
Publisher: Awe-Struck Press, 2009
eBook ISBN: 978-1-58749-171-9

Katherine Matheson’s husband Darryl has been found dead in a burned-out car, a suspected suicide. But Jason Wolfe, the local police investigator, is sure that it was murder. Katherine has mixed feelings about Darryl’s death because he was cheating on her. When Jason’s presence stirs strong feelings she’s tempted to surrender to his advances until she finds out that Bev, the woman who stole her husband, has her claws into Jason too. A break-in at her house, an energetic puppy, and an attempt to make a new start are all elements that make Donna Dawson’s romantic suspense, Fires of Fury, a captivating read.

Katherine, the sensitive and grieving main character, is mostly sympathetic, though more than once I felt like giving her a good shake and telling her to talk rather than just flee the scene. Wolfe, the attractive bachelor, has his own hang-ups. The chemistry between them makes for a sometimes rocky, hide-and-seek romance. Dawson uses Katherine’s meddling though well-meaning sister Jasmine and the thoroughly bad Bev to add elements of warmth, humor and conflict.

Katherine’s main issue after being betrayed by her husband is trust. Can she trust Jason, any man, even God? Though the characters’ faith in God isn’t a big part of the story, it is foundational. Another main theme is communication – why it’s necessary and what happens when people misunderstand each other because they never talked.

Dawson’s writing style seemed more flowery in Fires of Fury than in two other books by her that I’ve read (Redeemed and Vengeance). Passages like the following are not uncommon: “A sigh found its way from the lowest part of her hurting heart and erupted through lips that still tingled every once in a while at the memory of Jason.” I suppose such writing is typical of this brand of dissect-every-moment romance. It's not my favorite genre.

A bit about the format – the book is only available as an e-book. I don't know whether one can read it on an e-reading device (Kindle or Sony Reader). My disk of the book down-loaded a pdf file which I then printed. The printed pages have no numbers on them so it's important to keep them in order! (I tried to print the book double-sided. It was a mess.)

For lovers of romantic suspense this story, with its attractive characters, tastefully dispensed spiritual wisdom and satisfying ending, won’t disappoint.

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Anonymous said...

Violet, thank you for your honest review. The struggles with e-books are still there and work is ongoing to overcome those struggles. The book can be read on Kindle and it is available at Again, many thanks.

Donna Dawson