Friday, June 12, 2009

Mr. Domingo's garden is in love

I've been working on an article about nature poetry for a monthly column I write. Since nature is one of my favorite poem topics, it's been a lot of fun listing the types of nature poems poets write and finding examples of each kind.

In my search for poem examples, "Mr. Domingo's Garden" by Pat Hegnauer caught my eye. I used it as an example of a poem that shows humans and nature in collaboration or working together. It's a fun, luscious poem that I'm sure you'll enjoy. (Maybe it will even spur you on to sing opera to your onions!)

Mr. Domingo's Garden

Between garage and fence
the garden wakes and waits
for Mr.Domingo's attention.

He fawns in her seasons,
adores her harvest and fallow.
She responds greening for love.

Leaves shiver as he nears,
sprout to fruit reaching
to kiss the old man's hands,

soothe the arrogant arthritis
and the thin fiery bone
that digs and seeds and tends.

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(The article about nature poetry will be online in July)


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jama said...

Wonderful poem! Mr. Domingo sounds like a lovely soul.