Thursday, May 28, 2009

poems of work - sewing

Tricia of The Miss Rumphius Effect blog is hosting/posting a collection of poems of work.

I will post an old poem about sewing - something which I haven't done a lot of lately. But I have made a few things in my time - enough to know how it feels to be a novice (very novice!) seamstress.

In Stitches

I am in the choice of pattern
and in my fantasy
of how the suit sketched in tweed
will be incarnated in velvet

I am in tissue pieces
laid precisely, pinned snugly
facing the right way
on the wrong side.

I am in the concentration of my tongue
and in the rhythm of my heart
as scissor blades
crunch, crunch, crunch.

I am in the synapses that pass
from instruction sheet to brain
to fingers, in spaces
filled with the conductive medium of faith.

I am on the rolling highway of stitches, even and perfect
seams, smooth and straight
then in the pin-prick that sees
something is wrong; I must rip and return.

I am in the mirror
reflecting shoulders that bag
a waist too tight
and a skirt that sags.

Then at last, after being in gathers, easements
overcast hems and under the hot iron
I am, snug and snazzy
in this garment I have made.

© 2006 by Violet Nesdoly
First published in Poets Online (Archive: February 2006 - "In The Moment" prompt)

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This post is also part of the KidLitosphere's Poetry Friday. This week it's hosted at Irene Latham's blog Live. Love. Explore!


Irene Latham said...

Violet, I love this! Must share with my seamstress mother. :)

violet said...

Thank you, Irene! How did yesterday's project turn out?