Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Self-publishing - is it for you?

Have you ever been tempted to say - If no one wants to publish my novel / memoir / poetry collection / picture book etc. I can always publish it myself? Before you take the plunge, read the post and comments at Editorial Anonymous - "Why? Why?"

I actually did self-publish my first collection of poems Calendar -- and aside from some initial problems with the printing (I put the whole thing together myself, took it to a copy shop for them to print the cover, make copies -- 100 -- collate and staple, but they lost my masters, and the second set was missing a page so they had to do the whole run again) it was an inexpensive and painless experience. But at 60 pages, 100 copies, it was a modest project. Chapbooks are that.

Here's the "Second Edition" done entirely by me this time. I had to reprint after I ran out of copies. It's been fun to give away or sell at readings and conferences.

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