Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Writer's Digest Bookclub - bye bye

If you were a member of the Writer's Digest Book Club, you will know that it is no more. The last orders had to be placed by October 31.

However, the WD people have left former members with a parting gift - a one-year subscription to for free!

I activated my membership about a week ago and discovered a little treasure chest of goodies.

- Current market news.
- An encyclopedia of writer terms.
- An agent Q&A guide.
- A manuscript tracking tool.
- Mega articles of "Expert Advice" in eight categories including Beginners, Greeting Cards and Scriptwriting.
- A market search box. Simply put in the name of the publication, click on "Go" and voila, a page of information appears with publication facts including URL, payment details, link to guidelines page etc. - all the things you'd find in a paper market guide.

You might want to check out Even a paid membership isn't too too pricey.

Of course you can still buy Writers Digest books online through the F+W Publications Bookstore (but it's not the old Writer's Digest Bookclub *sigh*).

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