Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cut-and-paste books

"Professor's Choice" is a custom publishing program from St. Mary's Press that was launched at the recent meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR). It uses print on demand (POD) and licensed content in a way that allows college and university teachers teaching religion to "mix content chunks—book chapters, images, maps, glossaries—into a course book that can be shipped within 48 hours."

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At the same conference, Simon and Schuster's President and CEO Carolyn Reidy called for CBA to, in effect, make lemonade out of the current crop of lemons. Some of her suggestions:

"...making entire catalogues available as eBooks for electronic reading devices, to create possibilities for print-on-demand when a title becomes slow selling, to design new work flow and supply chain practice systems, and to delineate new policies to address complicated issues such as international territories, pricing, the security of our copyrights and royalty rates for those formats."

Read entire "Reidy Urges Publishers and Retailers to See Challenges as 'Opportunities.'"

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