Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend of the Gathering

This was the weekend of the Gathering of Christian Poets...and I missed it. The Gathering is sponsored by the Utmost Christian Writers Foundation. A bunch of poets get together in Edmonton for seminars, readings, meals and the big Utmost Christian Writers Poetry Contest results.

They'll be winding down right about now -- probably at some pizza joint ordering a round as a big happy gang... I was at one gathering, way back in 2003. What fun! Some day I will attend again.

Today is also the first International Christian Poets Day, and the day the new Utmost International Christian Poet Laureate will be (has been) officially inaugurated. Today is the official end of my time and the beginning of Jan Wood's two-year stint as Poet Laureate. Congratulations Jan!

Get to know a little about Jan and find links to some of her wonderful poems here.

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