Thursday, June 14, 2007

Children's Laureate

British writer, poet and broadcaster Michael Rosen has been named Britain's fifth Children's Laureate. The stint runs for two years. I like his take on teaching poetry (interview with the BBC):

Instead of teaching right and wrong answers, it's about thinking poems are things you can climb into and investigate - just as you would climb into a cupboard and feel your way around to find out where you are.

Into a cupboard -- or behind the dustbin?

Down Behind the Dustbin

Down behind the dustbin
I met a dog called Ted.
‘Leave me alone,’ he says,
‘I’m just going to bed.’
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And you could also explore a little

Chocolate Cake

I love chocolate cake.
And when I was a boy
I loved it even more.
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More fun and nonsense poems by Michael Rosen are found here and on Mr. Rosen's own website .

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