Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Night Not to be Silent

It was in the spirit of Christmas celebration that fellow poet Darlene Moore Berg suggested way back in Augustof 2004 that we members of Utmost Christian Writers Poetry Forum pool our efforts and put together a poetic Christmas greeting. Back then we emailed our poems to Darlene who, despite a schedule already full to bursting with pediatrician, parent, and child obligations, put them together in a booklet. Reading through that booklet has become part of my annual Christmas celebration.

Back in 2004 my fellow poets granted me permission to post some of the thoughtful and celebrative poems in that collection on my promptings blog. But that's so long ago, and I'd like to share them again. So in the coming days leading up to Christmas, I'm going to re-post some of those poems here at the poetry blog (along with links to more of the poets' works, if I have them). I hope you enjoy A NIGHT NOT TO BE SILENT!

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