Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Echoes

Generous Christmas carries
Rare and radiant gift:
Gold, myrrh and frankincense begin
But thanks fall short, to our chagrin,
For Godhead wrapped in baby’s skin
Radiant, rare
Holy gift.

Celebrating Christmas raises
Green, green tree.
Hung with baubles, lights and balls,
On such a thing, my mind recalls,
He hung. A keen chills heaven’s halls
Green no more
Christmas tree.

Christmas berries gleam red
On holly dark, sharp.
Red the taper, red the sweet,
Red the bow holds gift complete
From that Gift red flowed head to feet
Berries on thorns,
Sharp thorns.

Christmas houses shimmer
Bright against snow.
So gleamed flocks of lambs and sheep
When glory shone into their sleep,
Bright angels guard while women weep.
Dazzling white,
Heaven’s light,
He has come back from the deep!
All made right. No more weep.

© 2002 - V. Nesdoly

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