Saturday, September 30, 2006

Book launch

We attended the unveiling of Poetic Spirits of the Valley in Abbotsford today. The MSA Poets Potpourri Society put on quite a party to launch this book of poems, prose and photos, and to generally celebrate the 25 years the society has been in existence.

I’ve been a member for just a little over a year. While I’ve enjoyed participating in a few of the society’s readings, I’m really only a hanger-on.

Nevertheless, even hangers-on got to submit their poems. And so, with three poems included in the book I signed a couple of books, then joined hubby, who so graciously drove me, in drinking coffee and feasting on sandwiches, fruit and cake with the best of them.

Congratulations to the publication committee, and Alvin, our fearless editor!


coffeemom3 said...

I have been a hanger-on too of my state poetry society and decided to attend their yearly conference this past weekend and got to read a couple of my poems. I met some neat people and God is really opening a door for me to pursue poetry writing.

I really enjoy your blog!

violet said...

Hi Coffeemom - thanks for dropping by and leaving a note! Good for you for attending your poetry group and reading. (That's a lot of fun, isn't it?) Keep us tuned to any 'open door' developments - like publications and such.