Friday, August 25, 2006

Ens and Odds

My review of Alvin Ens’s prize-winning book of poems (category: 'Special') I Am the Poem is now up here.

My bootmaker friend Charlie has a poetry blog. You'll love the sense of place his poems evoke.

To all aspiring, novice and as yet unpublished poets - you have less than a week to get your entries into the mail for this contest.

I was honored to be named Utmost Christian Writer’s International Poet Laureate earlier this year. Thank you to the person who nominated me, to Nathan Harms and to Utmost’s Board of Directors for making this happen!


Julana said...

Congratulations, Violet! You're a Renaissance woman.

violet said...

If only!! :)

PeacefulLady said...


violet said...

Thank you, Irene!! :)