Friday, July 28, 2006

On death (Carl Sandburg)

Stars, Songs, Faces

Gather the stars if you wish it so.
Gather the songs and keep them.
Gather the faces of women.
Gather for keeping years and years.
And then . . .

Loosen your hands,
let go and say goodby.
Let the stars and songs go.
Let the faces and years go.
Loosen your hands and say goodbye.

The Junk Man

I am glad God saw Death
And gave Death a job taking care of all who are tired of living:

When all the wheels in a clock are worn and slow and the connections loose
And the clock goes on ticking and telling the wrong time from hour to hour
And people around the house joke about what a bum clock it is,
How glad the clock is when the big Junk Man drives his wagon
Up to the house and puts his arms around the clock and says:

"You don't belong here,
You gotta come
Along with me,"

How glad the clock is then, when it feels the arms of the Junk Man close around it and carry it away.

- Carl Sandburg

"Stars, Songs, Faces" - Hat tip: Something Beautiful
"The Junk Man" from Carl Sandburg Selected Poems

Monday, July 24, 2006


I discovered on Saturday that a poem I submitted a few weeks ago was published in Infuze (e-zine) last week. This is affirmation indeed, during this poetry-writing dry spell, when all I seem to be able to focus on is the practical details that need my attention after Mom’s passing. Thank you, Infuze!

(One needs to sign up to read Infuze. It is free and painless, though, and well worth the time and effort. Weekly issues feature new articles on culture, comics, visual arts, short stories, poetry and movie reviews written from a Christian perspective.)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


When poet friend Darlene Moore-Berg and I made plans to meet for lunch on July 9th after a long internet acquaintance, I had no idea personal events would so thoroughly sabotage things. However, she and her husband Mike were able to fit us in this last Sunday instead of next.

We met them in their hotel room. (Would you believe the penthouse of the Empire Landmark? Don’t tell me it doesn’t pay to be allergic to the residue of smoke in the room originally assigned to you!)

After enjoying this amazing view and snapping pictures of everything in sight, we went for lunch at the Red Robin, and hung out on Robson Street for a bit, Then we took them and their luggage to the Cruise Ship Terminal in Canada Place in time for their 5:45 departure for Alaska.

What a wonderful interlude in a bleak time! Thank you, Darlene and Mike, for fitting us into your glam vacation.

A sampling of poems by Darlene:

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