Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Pastan Feast

Today’s poem in the Writer’s Almanac, "After an Absence," is by Linda Pastan. Reading it reminds me again how much I enjoy her. So for your reading pleasure and mine, here is a Pastan feast:

Three early poems dated 1998: "The Laws of Primogeniture," "Vermilion" and "An Early Afterlife"

Some poems from her book Carnival Evening: "Almanac of Last Things," "News of the World" "Carnival Evening" and "What We Want."

And from The Last Uncle: "Women on the Shore," "Cossacks," "The Last Uncle," "Grace" "Practicing" and "The Months."


If you want still more, here is her article "Old Age is Not for Cowards" and an interview of her, both from Norton Poets Online.

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