Friday, June 02, 2006

Fooling with words

Since taking down the shingle of my medical transcription business, time for writing (especially in the morning, when I’m at my best) has expanded. It’s wonderful!

Yesterday I spent most of my writing day working on poetry. I took a stack of poems that are in the various stages of completion and spent a lazy hour or two tweaking. I planned what I’ll read on the 13th (Blue Moon Reading Series - Clearbrook Library sponsored by MSA Poets Potpourri-Society). Then I started surfing the net, looking for thoughts on the topic I’ve chosen for my next FellowScript column.

In that search, I came across Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers – a site that features readings from the Dodge Poetry festival 1998. You can read poems by 21 poets and listen to / watch selected readers (Sharon Olds, Marge Piercy, Susan Hirshfield), perform their work.

Besides being introduced to some really great poems, how better to prepare for a poetry reading than by listening to the pros read their work.

The 11th biennial Dodge Poetry Festival happens this year - September 28-October 1


Julana said...

Wow, Stanley Kunitz is getting up in years. Five in 1910. . .
Interesting flashback.

violet said...

Jualana, did you click in to the readings? I especially recommend the one by Sharon Olds - powerful poem for parents!