Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Poetry prompt #3 - sign poem

It’s already Wednesday and still no poetry prompt for the week. Violet, where is it?

I am late. I confess. (I think the holiday on Monday messed me up.)

Anyway, this week I will borrow the prompt from Poets Online. It begins:
For this prompt, we look for a sign to be the starting place -and the title - of a poem. A sign seen on a roadside, on a store, even an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or on TV is acceptable. It might be a good opportunity for a humorous poem, though I suspect some submissions will be quite serious too.

For the entire prompt and Cecilia Woloch’s poem "Slow Children At Play" which was the catalyst, go here.

So let’s get sign-ogling and writing. If we hurry, there’s even time to submit it to the Poets Online website – till May 27th.

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