Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More 'in the now'

After considering and writing on the prompt of being in the moment last week, my antenna are out for other poems with a similar theme. That is why yesterday, when cleaning out and filing away some of the poems I’ve collected from "The Writer’s Almanac" (which you can subscribe to for free and it delivers a new poem to your in-box every morning – it’s a very good deal!), two jumped out at me as being examples of this:

"Putting in a Window" by John Brantingham (scroll down to November 15th)


"This Shining Moment in the Now" by David Budbill

I find it interesting that both activities described (installing a window and working around the yard) are not primarily cerebral at all, but speak of the satisfaction of absorption in physical tasks.


Julana said...

I used to subscribe to that, before I blogged. They had a great article on Bonhoeffer last year. Tomorrow is his birthday.

Julana said...

Ok. I'm signed up again. :-)

Julana said...

We crossed. :-)

violet said...

I've received WA for several years now. Unsubscribed once for a while, but then got myself on the email list again because I missed it... (Maybe they'll do a feature on Bonhoeffer tomorrow)