Thursday, February 02, 2006

Barbara Crooker

I certainly have my favorites of the poets that appear on the Writer’s Almanac. One of them is Barbara Crooker. I was especially moved by her "Autism Poem: The Grid."

So yesterday, when I surfed to the Writer’s Almanac home page to get the link for my post below, imagine my delight to find a link to an interview with Barbara Crooker. Read it and be encouraged, all you home-bound poets!

Another poem of hers you've got to read is "Praise Song."


Julana said...

I just sent those links out to about 20 people on my email list, parents and professionals. I've been wondering about disability poetry for a long time. THank you.

violet said...

I thought the autism poem was very moving!

Darlene and Mike said...

Thanks for introducing me to another interesting poet. I followed all the links...really love Praise poem and went and ordered her book Radiance...darlene

violet said...

Darlene - welcome here!

That's actually a good idea - ordering her book!